Tools to automate data extraction from text, and transform data into the proper format for storage and integration with core business data applications.


Enrich data with semantic annotations such as concepts, relations, similar points of interest, sentiments and other insights


Tools to assist business and researchers in searching and analyzing unstructured text. Supports multiple business domains for qualitative data analysis, helping to systematically evaluate and interpret texts.

Cognitive Search

cognitive search

We develop cognitive search solutions that read and understand unstructured text, and detect connections and patterns that humans may not see. Using natural language processing, our system extracts key elements not available in traditional search engines.

Custom Solutions

intelligent search tools

Developing data analytic tools with customizable solutions for small to large sized businesses. We utilize natural language processing and other techniques to enlighten data, analyze text, and locate key information.

Our Software

Text analysis software and document processing, automatic summarization, visualization models, and intelligent search solutions

Developing machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions to identify and sift through large volumes of information to identify, organize and provide insights for relevant applications. We provide an automated solution to review numerous records, evidence, literature, and other documents to identify and extract what is relevant.

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custom search tools

Education Research

Analyze, research and extract relevant data automatically with cognitive search

watson integration services

Health Care

Identify and unlock valuable insights from archived records, external systems and other sources of textual data.

high volume document search


Discover the value of mining content for strategic opportunites, discoveries and intelligent decision making.